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OH2 Owner/Program Director

Eryn Gibson

Eryn has a degree in International Relations and has home-schooled her six children and taught dozens of others for over 20 years. She has experience working with a variety of learning styles from special needs to gifted.   She is devoted to supporting life-long education and self-improvement, with patience, creativity, and a sense of humor. 


Eryn especially loves teaching math as it was her most dreaded subject in school.  She wants  students to see the fun in learning as she now does.  She loves each of her middle and high school students, and is passionate about helping them become the best they can be. 

OH2 Owner/Registration Specialist

Stan Gibson

Stan has a degree in Electrical Engineering and retired after working in the field for 20 years.  Some of his favorite projects were in motors and missiles.  His favorite projects now are gardening, developing personal engineering ideas (especially those involving pyrotechnics), and writing apps. He's also a classically trained pianist.


Language Arts

Trail Guide

Rebecca Hurst

Rebecca is starting her third year teaching with the Oxford Hybrid Secondary School and loves working with the students.  After earning a degree in Education, she went on to homeschool her five brilliant children through graduation.   Teaching and learning has been a love for her whole life, so coming out of retirement to teach again has been a great experience. 

When not teaching, she enjoys doing crafts, decorating, watching YouTube videos about crafting and decorating, and, of course, reading.

Her greatest joy in life is spending time with family and entertaining her two grandchildren.


High School Mathematics

Trail Guide

Leelannee Godfrey

Leellannee has a degree in aerospace engineering.  Aside from work with NASA and as an air traffic controller, she has a dozen years experience teaching her 5 daughters at home.   She loves gardening and teaching.

Middle School Math 

Trail Guide

Matt King

We're so excited to have Matt as part of our OH2 Team this year.  He comes with both a major and minor degree in Exercise Science, and invaluable experience home-schooling his own children.  Professional experience includes coaching individuals and groups in fitness and nutrition, and managing a Pilates studio for 20+ years.

Matt enjoys traveling and spending time with his family.  He has volunteered with Cub Souts, and is currently an adult leader with his sons in Scouts BSA.  

Sheree Pack_edited.jpg

Social Studies, History and Geography

Trail Guide

Sharee Pack

Sharee loves life and lives it to the fullest by being a wife of 1, mother of 4, and grandmother of 3. Sharee’s positive attitude is contagious and lifts others with her presence and connection. 

Sharee loves teaching and homeschooled her four children for over 20 years. She taught her three dyslexic daughters how to read. She has continued tutoring other students and adults with dyslexia to read successfully.  Overcoming disability is a true gift and passion for her.

Besides having a passion for teaching, Sharee stays sharp running three businesses: 'Choosing Wisdom', 'Meditate with Sharee' and 'GameAholics.'

 Sharee likes spending free time walking with her husband, listening to and reading books, cooking plant-based meals, playing family board games, zooming and Mindcraft with her grandsons, watching anime with her daughters, discussing books with her family, and talking to her son about deep topics. Sharee also enjoys family history and genealogy. Family is her essence! 

High School Science

Trail Guide

Katrina Tap

Katrina is a classically trained teacher with multiple certifications in science, health and physical education.  She has a passion for bringing out the best in student work and keeping things exciting.  Whether coaching competition gymnastics, saving lives as a volunteer EMT and firefighter or teaching core academics Katrina finds joy in serving our community.  



Trail Guide

Devan Hurst

Devan has a degree in graphic design.  She has taught art with us for a couple of years, and is a favorite with our students.  We're so happy she's back with us this year.

Devan loves art, gardening and OUR STUDENTS!

All Subjects

Assistant Trail Guide 

Vanessa Flewelling

Vanessa brings fun to everything she does, especially learning.  She loves hybrid teaching her three children, and supporting her community.

DSC_0267 (4).JPG

Business Consultant

Claire Grenda

Claire has a PhD in FABULOUS!  Having retired from running her own successful business, she is now devoting time to bless our students with her knowledge and organizational skills.  

She loves hybrid-schooling her two amazing children, travelling to new places and spending time in nature.

Elective Coordinator

and Substitute Teacher

William Gay

William is a true renaissance man.  With experience and skills in everything from high-stakes finance to home construction (and everything in between!) he keeps busy both teaching and learning new skills.


Social Studies, History and Geography

Assistant Trail Guide

Weekly Schedule/Newsletter coordinator

Lauren Gibson

Lauren has a gift for understanding and patience.  She enjoys learning new things and playing group games.

Substitute Trail Guide (All Subjects)

David John Pack

David John is skilled at teaching and developing board/card games.  He enjoys LARP exercises and spending time with his family.

David John_edited.jpg
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