OH2 Program Director

Head Math Instructor

Eryn Gibson

Eryn has a degree in International Relations and has home-schooled her six children and taught dozens of others for over 20 years. She has experience working with a variety of learning styles from special needs to gifted.   She is devoted to supporting life-long education and self-improvement, with patience, creativity, and a sense of humor. 


Eryn especially loves teaching math as it was her most dreaded subject in school.  She wants  students to see the fun in math and love it like she now does.  She loves each of her middle and high school students, and is passionate about helping them become the best they can be. 

OH2 Computer Specialist

Math and Science teacher

Stan Gibson

Stan has a degree in Electrical Engineering and retired after working in the field for 20 years.  Some of his favorite projects were in motors and missiles.  When not teaching, his favorite projects now are gardening, developing personal engineering ideas (especially those involving pyrotechnics), and writing apps.


Stan has loved teaching mathematics and science, and is known for getting students involved in creative, hands-on projects.   He's also a classically trained pianist.

OH2 Assistant Director

Eva Cornell

Eva earned a degree in Education in Germany before moving to the US.  She taught her own children at home, and has experience in teaching art and history in school.


Eva loves spending time with her grandchildren, and developing ways to help individual students excel.  She's a also a great cook- especially her German dishes- and enjoys painting, wood burning, needlework, and creating all other kinds of arts and crafts.

OVA Student Mentor

Basia Riera

Basia is truly amazing!  She is with us by assignment from OVA to watch over and help each student to be successful in their learning journey.  This program would not exist without her expertise, experience and dedication to our students.


Basia has several degrees and certifications in Education, and is a life-long learner in several fields including human health/wellbeing and animal husbandry.  She loves spending time with her family and their darling pets.


Teaching Specialist- all subjects

Jamie Souliotis

Jamie has advanced degrees and professional certification in Education and has teaching experience both in public and private schools.   She has a gift for getting reluctant students to excel and do more than they think they can.  She strives for excellence in her teaching and brings out the best in her students.


Jamie enjoys outdoor activities with her family, interior decorating, and consulting with companies to bring out the best in everybody!


Math and Science Specialist

Chalene Eber

Chalene comes to us with advanced degrees in mathmatics and engineering.   After teaching Engineering at the United States Air Force Academy, she moved to military aeronautics where she continues active service.


In addition to sharing her knowledge with our country and our lucky OH2 students, Chalene shares her love of learning with her seven (incredibly adorable) children.   We don't know how she does all of this with energy and compassion, but we are sure thankful to have her on our team.  (She's also a gifted violinist!)


Math and History Teacher

Melissa Castonia

Melissa has professional degrees and certification in Education and loves teaching through hands-on projects.  She has a gift for making concepts fun and memorable.  She's also a fabulous example of stretching personal learning and growth.


Melissa likes camping with her husband and children.


Language Arts and Literature Teacher

Rebecca Hurst

Becky has a degree in Education and is one of the most creative, well-read and thoughtfully intelligent people a person could meet.  Soft spoken while sporting a world-class sense of humor, she is a favorite among our High School students.  (Don't ever pass up a chance to speak with her in person.)


Becky enjoys gardening and doing anything with her family.

Science Teacher

Kimberly Measel

Kim is an avid reader and researcher.  She has a degree in Health Sciences, but a passion for ALL sciences (and history and anthropology and religion and .....)  She uses humor and human interest in helping students connect to their subject.  Kim's experience working with different styles of learning within her own family gives her insight into working with her OH2 students.


Kim LOVES music!  All of her children are talented musicians, and Kim is always willing and able to serve in any musical capacity for church and community. 

History and Language Arts Teacher

Danika Renwick

"Momma Dee", or "Ms Dee",as her students know her is a rare gem in education.  Raised in the South with a passion for excellence and the value of personal dignity and educational responsibility, she is passing this on to her own eight outstanding children and to our OH2 students.   She serves each one of her students (and every other person fortunate enough to bump elbows with her) as an example of pure love.


Danika is an absolute wizard at finding bargains.  She also sings and plays the piano, and hosts an excellent party.

Math Teacher

Katrina Maida

Katrina is a quintessential Renaissance Woman!   She has multiple advanced degrees in Education, as well as professional certifications in gymnastics coaching, firefighting, emergency medicine, and more!  She's continually expanding her repertoire of knowledge and skill.


With her vast capability, Katrina spends her time serving the people in our community, and being a living example of the extraordinary good that can be accomplished by just one person.

Math and Science Teacher

Allison Ridley

Allison is completing a degree in Finance.  She loves numbers!  She also has a real sense of how to reach students with learning differences.  She's creative and amazingly dedicated to making learning work for each one of her students.


Allison enjoys spending time with family and traveling.

History and ELA teacher

Devan Hurst

Devan has a degree in Fine Arts with an illustration emphasis, and is a talented artist herself.  We are fortunate to have her sharing her artistic gifts and her ability to connect with students.  She has a terrific sense of humor and a heart for young people.


When not creating all sorts of art, Devan enjoys online games, gardening and family time.   

History and ELA assistant teacher

Hannah Renwick

Hannah is working on a degree in Computer Science and loves working with students.


In her spare time Hannah enjoys spending time with her family and pets, and loves to sing. 

Assistant Math and Science Teacher

David John Pack

David John has a well-rounded degree in General Studies and has a knack for coming up with innovative ways of teaching tough concepts in math and science.  His lessons are always fun!


David John currently owns and operates a business developing games for all ages.  He enjoys traveling, learning new things, and sharing his knowledge with others. 


Kelly Brill

Kelly has a professional degree and certification in Education.  After teaching in both public and private schools, Kelly focused on educating her own children at home.  Kelly's fun, organized, hands-on approach to learning helps her students retain material and seek out additional learning on their own.

Kelly is a passionate advocate for the power of art and music in education, and incorporates these gifts into her classes.


Sharee Pack

Sharee has experience educating her own children at home.  She is great at reaching students of all abilities and learning styles.  She is also an avid life-long learner.