In the Classroom

OH2 isn't really close to where we live, but after two years in the program, I know it's worth the drive to have this excellent instruction and support.

My kids' confidence and test scores have both gone way up.  We would travel to the moon for this!

Andrea -parent- Commerce Twp, MI

Questions and Answers



Q:  What in the world is a HYBRID school? 

A:  It is a combination of homeschool and traditional school with teachers and classmates and clubs and awesome electives.

Students work on assignments at home or in study groups on Mondays and Wednesdays, then come in for classroom instruction and academic support on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  (Or think: a private school where students are only in the classroom two days a week, but learning ALL THE TIME.)

Q:  Exactly how does this work? How is it funded?

A:  We are a (soon-to-be) state-funded non-profit charter school with Private-Pay options for students who wish to remain private from the state.

Q:  Is there an online portion students have to do for their classes?  

A:  There is an online portion required by the state for our charter, but not for private-pay students.


Q:  Do Charter students have to take standardized state tests?   

A:  We will be offering some state/national standardized testing to our students.  We are very flexible with families in regard to testing.  Private students have no testing requirements. Charter students may take the minimum or maximum tests available based on their wishes.

Q:  Are there any costs or fees that students will be responsible for? 

A:  Yes.  There is a $50 registration fee for each student (to cover administrative registration costs.)  (There is NO COST or OBLIGATION to fill out the initial registration.)

Other optional (not required) costs may include:

        * Pencils/pens, notebooks, calculator, math compass/protractor, etc.   

        * End of year yearbook

        * Individual school photos

Q:  What electives are available for my students?  

A:  There will be some onsite electives (which will change to match the needs and wants of the students) and dozens offered by community partners: painting, drama, photography, ceramics, sewing, yoga, fencing, piano, dance, boxing, gymnastics, and Urban Air-- just to get started!  There are also several online electives (including foreign languages.) 


Q:  What would a typical week look like?

A:  On Mondays and Wednesdays, students work at home, using the instructions and material provided the week before.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, student are dropped off at (or drive themselves to) the site (address below) for classes led by subject experts. Classes start at 11:30am and end at 4:30pm.  (Students don't have homework on these days.)  Fridays are reserved to spend in any way you like, ie: field trips with family, friends or other homeschool groups, getting ahead on work, catching up after taking a sick day, etc.

We also offer free tutoring and group study session on Tuesdays and Thursdays at our site for any student who wishes to come early.

Q:  Will my student get to graduate?

A:  Yes!  If they have met the requirements they will attend a graduation ceremony and receive a high school diploma.

Q:  Does my student have to have attended Oxford Hybrid Primary school to attend Oxford Hybrid Secondary?

A:  Not at all.  Though many students transfer up when they reach 6th grade, we are happy to welcome students coming in at any grade.

Q:  What about Prom?

A:  Of Course!  We are free and happy to take any suggestions for all student activities.  We may even join with other hybrid schools or home-school groups to make a nice big group, if we wish.

Q:  How much does it cost to self-pay?

A:  That would depend on how many classes you would like your student to take.  The four core classes combined (math, science, history, and language arts) costs $3300 per student, per school year.  Electives are between $200 and $300 per semester depending on the elective.

Q:  What about students younger than 6th grade?

A: Our sister school, Oxford Hybrid Primary, provides classes for students from Pre K through 5th grade.  You can learn more by hitting the link (above-right on our homepage.)