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Home Centered &

Community Supported

6th-12th Grade Education

Oxford Hybrid has been invaluable in  supporting our family's education journey.  We are all excited for each new year!

Stephanie -parent- Metamora, MI

"There should be ANTICIPATION, SATISFACTION and RELEVANCE in learning.  Anything less is an unacceptable waste of a student's time."
E. D. Gibson
Founder and Director
Altabright Academy
Our quickly changing world demands innovation and forward thinking to provide the highest quality of education and preparation for our young people.  
Altabright Academy offers a unique program wherein students, along with a counselor and parents/guardians, design and carry out a schedule of instruction accommodating their individual goals and needs.
In conjunction with a core education, we focus on the uniquely human skills that canNOT be replicated by technology:  creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.
Students (and families)
     *ready to regain confidence in their ability to learn             *who need to discover and bring out the best
       parts of living with ASD, ADHAD or OCD/anxiety
     *wanting to "home school" but needing support
     *needing more time and flexibility (for things like                        building relationships, travel, work/volunteering or for                    getting adequate sleep!) 
     *who wish to work at an accelerated pace, or graduate           with college credit 
     *who would rather learn at a slower pace
     *or simply in search of a better way to learn and                     prepare for a happy, well-rounded future
Join us at our comfortable site in the woods

(address below)

Monday through Thursday (10:00am-3:30pm) 

-with several Fridays reserved for field trips-

from September 5th 2023 to May 30th 2024.

2023-24 Fees and Tuition

Full year -  $5,249.00 

Includes books, materials and support for at least four core classes and one comprehensive elective class.  

(10% sibling discount)

Ask about scholarships and part-time tuition arrangements.

Registration fee - $50.00 per student

Book deposit - $20 per book (refunded at book return.)

Friday Field Trips (approximately one each month) may cost extra depending on entrance fees and transportation costs.

Program Site

790 S Lapeer Rd

Oxford, MI 48371

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