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6th-12th Grade Education

Fusion (now OH2)  has been invaluable in  supporting our homeschool.  We are all so excited for the secondary school!

Stephanie -parent- Metamora, MI

     Oxford Hybrid Secondary
This unique school provides an opportunity for your middle or high school student to fuse the best of a home-school education with the advantages of private and public education:  fewer hours sitting behind a desk and more time for active-learning and life!
Finally, our kids can take advantage of an  individualized private education (like math, science, history, literature and language arts with classes capped at 10 students per instructor!) 
combined with the freedom of a more flexible schedule and more family time (like time for building relationships, travel, work/volunteering or for teens to get adequate sleep!) 
plus programs, sports and clubs in Oxford Middle and High Schools (like orchestra, marching band, drama or equestrian club!) 
and amazing new community partnerships for classes (like gymnastics, cooking, fencing or boxing!)   
We offer a full tuition-free education as a Michigan charter school
We also offer self-pay, tuition-based classes for families that wish to remain private

Our classes are taught by expert tutors, at the Oxford Free Methodist Church (address below) on Tuesdays and Thursdays (11:30am-4:30pm) throughout the standard school year (September-May).

Our sister school, Oxford Hybrid Primary, provides classes for students in Kindergarten - 5th grade.  You can learn more at oxfordhybridprimary.org or hit the Oxford Hybrid Primary green link above-right.


 Fall Class schedule for High School:

(email for Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment options)

English Language Arts


US Government (Civics)

American History (1 and 2)

World History

World Geography, culture and current events




Saxon Algebra 1

Saxon Algebra 2

Saxon Geometry

Saxon Calculus

Fall Class schedule for Middle School:

(email for Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment options)

English Language Arts

American History (1 and 2)

World History



Saxon Math 7/6

Saxon Math 8/7

Saxon Algebra 1/2 (prealgebra)

Electives (dependent on student demand)



Life Skills (including test prep)


Visual Arts (including units in painting, etching, drawing, etc.)

Class Site

790 S Lapeer Rd

Oxford, MI 48371